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    Default Sygic makes phone burning hot

    I have this issue for years with regular Sygic Navigation app. In a matter of minutes it would make my phone super hot, to the point it's quite uncomfortable to hold. I have experienced this with Samsung S6, S8 and two S9s. Basically every Sygic version makes my phone super hot (both via wifi/mobile data, doesn't matter). That's one of the reasons I have discovered/switched to Sygic Truck. I don't have this behavior with other navigation apps, as a matter of fact I have compiled a list of behavior below:

    1. Sygic v17.x.x, v18.x.x... - super hot in a matter of minutes. I have tried different Power Management profiles (within app like Balanced, Power Saving...) without any difference
    2. Sygic clone (OfflineMaps or whatever called) - same as above
    3. Sygic Truck - just regular/mild warm , normal behavior
    4. Sygic v14.3.4, SygicInCar v18.6.2, TomTom GO v2.0.x - almost stone cold

    Any idea what might be causing this, as I haven't seen many forum/support discussions regarding this, and I cannot believe I'm the only one having this issue. What's your experience?

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    I had the same problem.

    The solution is quite easy. Change these settings in Sygic:
    Settings --> Battery Management --> On External Power --> Power Saver
    Settings --> Battery Management --> On Battery --> Power Saver

    For me, that helped.



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