Hi, I have been using Sygic GPS in my car for about 5 months and generally I get on well with it and like it. However, I have one annoying issue and its that it will just switch itself off.
I have the App installed on my Iphone 8 running IOS 12 (just updated to IOS 13 but not yet tried running Sygic with it). My Sygic version is 18.2.2 R4. I only have UK maps installed and the phone has masses of memory.
The issue I have is that I have yet to make a journey without the App just shutting itself down. Sometimes it does this after a couple of minutes and sometimes after a couple of hours. The phone returns to its home screen and when I re-select the Sygic App it boots up normally and offers the message "Do you want to continue with your current journey" and saying YES it continues with route guidance on the selected journey OK. Sometimes it will do this several times within a 3 hr journey and sometimes only once.
I have tried re-installing the app three times including the last time with a clean install without any other Apps open and after a complete shut down of the Operating system. It has always continued with this fault. I wondered if it was when the car hits a bumpy section of the road and the phone gets shaken but looking for this has shown it is not.
Any help in solving this issue would be most helpful because as I said, I like the App and it does exactly what I want it to do - if only it wouldn't switch itself off.