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    Default Sygic GPS and CarPlay

    The more I use Sygic the more I realize that I don't really understand the purchase options. Using the software is easy but figuring out what functionality I can buy seems more difficult.

    I have been using Sygic GPS through my Ford Sync 3 system using CarPlay and the interface works very well. I was so pleased with how well it worked that I bought the Premium + Traffic and the Cockpit add-on since it would give me the current altitude and that is important to my wife and I when camping. So far, so good.

    Right after I purchased Premium + Traffic a new option appeared in the Sygic Store, Premium for CarPlay, and I guess I am puzzled by that. Sygic GPS already works with CarPlay and I assumed that buying the Premium + Traffic would provide me with the Premium functionality and traffic information and that I could then use that through CarPlay as I have been using GPS through CarPlay, so what does Premium for CarPlay buy me? What extra functionality does it provide that Premium + Traffic does not?

    Do I need Premium + Traffic AND Premium for CarPlay to be able to use the Premium functionality through CarPlay? And, if so, why was I not told that when I bought Premium + Traffic? And is there some other extra cost option that will appear if I buy the Premium for CarPlay, requiring me to buy something else? Are these purchase options/requirements documented anywhere? I am not upset, only trying to figure out what is going on here.

    One other question. If I run GPS on my iPhone I have all of the options I expect - gas station locations, speed limits, the ability to report issues and access to Cockpit. When I hook this up through my Sync 3 system with CarPlay all of that extra stuff is missing. No way to access gas prices, no way to report road issues and no way to access the Cockpit option that I just paid for, and the same thing is true for Car Navigation. I can run it using CarPlay but can not access any of the other built-in functionality.

    What am I missing?

    I first sent this question to Sygic support and, when I did not get a response, I posted it here. Since I got no responses on this forum I assume no one had the answer so I am posting the information I finally got back from Sygic in case it helps others.

    Premium for CarPlay activates the following features when using Sygic via CarPlay:
    - 3D map
    - Voice instructions
    - Speedlimits
    - Actual speed
    - Signpost info

    These features work with Premium just on your phone while you have a Premium License. When using CarPlay, these features are available, but at extra cost.

    So paying for Premium for Sygic GPS does not provide those features for use on an info system like Ford's Sync 3 and you have to pay for a second feature to get them on that system. It would have been nice if that information had been displayed on the purchase page when making the first purchase. For Android devices Sygic does state two prices, one for phones only and one for connected info systems, but I saw no such information for iOS devices when paying for Premium so finding I had to pay again to use the Premium features was a big surprise for me.

    I also asked about some of the additional features like the Cockpit add-on and the ability to report incidents. I have not been able to find a way to use either of those on the Sync 3 system but I have not gotten a response about that from Sygic support yet. I will update this post with that information when and if I receive it.

    Again, an update with information I received from Sygic support. I assume most users already know this, but I did not so I thought I should post it for those who also may not know the restrictions when using Sygic software through CarPlay.

    Apparently the Sygic add-ons like Cockpit do not work when using Sygic through CarPlay. There is no information that I could find on the Sygic webpage that indicates that add-ons do not work through CarPlay but support responded to my email telling me that Cockpit does not work through CarPlay and I assume that means that other add-ons may also not work through it. I think that Sygic should have made this clear on their webpage so that I would not have purchased it, considering how I want to use CarPlay so as to display the information on the large and easily viewable infotainment screen in my Ford.

    Also incident reporting as well as incident information is not available when used through CarPlay. That is, I can not report traffic accidents, road closures, heavy traffic and the like, and can not see the information either when using CarPlay. For me this was a big issue since incident reporting was one of the reasons I was willing to spend the money to buy Sygic instead of using my vehicles built-in navigation system.

    For me these CarPlay restrictions make purchasing Sygic software far less attractive than otherwise and I am unsure why the developers chose to not include this information when using CarPlay and the vehicles display screen. Clearly it can be done since Waze does it, and perhaps Sygic will in the future, but as of now this functionality is not available except on the phone itself.
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    Default Sygic sync 3

    You purchased wrong software , you need Sygic car navigation:GPS and maps!!
    Itís not the same as Sygic GPS navigation and maps ! Itís fully synced 3 compatible , You get all the features for 49.00 including voice command from the steering wheel , lifetime maps , traffic-lane guidance , itís has all iPhone features on infotainment center .

    I answered you on other post too! If you purchase this you have to turn CarPlay off and use direct usb cable connect not Bluetooth. ( for iPhone , never used android )

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    And also [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] and complete [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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    I guess the purchase options are really confusing. I seem to have the choice of:

    1) Car Navigation for the Android phone, but then only the Connected version will work,
    2) Car GPS for the iPhone using CarPlay, but then I also need Premium + Premium for CarPlay,
    3) Car Navigation for the iPhone using CarPlay, but then I don't know what else I might need,
    4) Car Navigation for the iPhone using the Connected functionality? I was not aware that that existed,
    5) Car GPS for the iPhone? Can this also be used without CarPlay?

    The irony is that I just bought Car Navigation with the connected functionality for the Android phone because I did not know that I could use the iPhone with Car Navigation without CarPlay. None of this will work with our car (a 2016 Jeep Renegade with UConnect) since that system does not support anything other than remote phone calls.

    The only time I get to try out the options are when we go someplace with out 2018 Ford Transit (which is the chassis for a small RV), and so the 7 day trial really only gives me a limited chance to play around with it and see what the options are and once it is over the Car Connected functionality does not even work.

    I asked some of these questions in an email to Sygic support but it takes forever to get a response. I am still waiting for a response to an email I sent 10 days ago and ended up buying Car Navigation for the Android phone because I gave up waiting for a response. Thank you for responding to my questions.
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