Sygic Version=11.2.5 cracked
Android Version=4.4.4 Kitkat
Model=Mote E

Device Rooted=No

Current Setup
Sygic App installed in internal storage. Maps and other databases in internal storage using sygic map downloader.

Followed below steps:
Step 1: Moved all except database.xml and base-is-ok.txt to Memory Card (absoule path=/storage/sdcard1/Aura/{Maps,Android/Res})
Step 2: edited database.xml and changed the path to
  • /storage/sdcard1/Aura/ = didnt work
    sdcard1/Aura/ = didnt work
    external_sd/Aura/ = didnt work
    Aura/1/ = added a directory thinking of that it will create a directory 1 in Aura(default) when using Sygic downloder it still downloads maps in following location Aura/Maps shouldn't it create Aura/1/Maps etc

Tried visiting below links for understanding

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PS: i am running low on internal storage so though of moving to memory card. also i am using my current sygic is for 1 year.