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    Member + [Android] How to fix improperly showing diacritics for Sygic 14.XX and 15.XX[Android] How to fix improperly showing diacritics for Sygic 14.XX and 15.XX
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    Guide [Android] How to fix missing diacritics in Sygic and Sygic Truck

    The problem is as follows, Sygic does not show diacritics (Ă ă Ș ș Ț ț) present in names of cities, streets, way points etc. This is because the set of Arial fonts which Sygic uses is old.

    The problem can be easily fixed:

    1) Go to Windows\Fonts and copy the Arial, Arial Italic, Arial Narrow, Arial Bold and Arial Bold Italic to Desktop.

    2) Rename Arial file to regular, Arial Italic file to italic, Arial Narrow file to boldcompressed, Arial Bold file to bold, Arial Bold Italic file to bolditalic.

    3) Copy and overwrite the regular, italic, bold, boldcompressed and bolditalic files to Sygic\Res\fonts.

    Attached is an .zip archive with the latest version of Arial fonts (v6.90) renamed to match the Sygic font names.
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