Hi Folks,

I am running the new version of Sygic GPS on my OnePlus One and following a recent Full Reset I needed to re-download the app. The initial widespread issues that followed the release of the new version of the app seem to have finally settled down again nicely.

About eighteen months ago I started using RupiManager for my custom POI conversions and since then I have never had an issue with converting any of the commonly used data files to .rupi. It is just a simple and brilliant App. It just 'does what it says on the tin' quickly and simply without any fuss. The icons for use with those files though are a different matter altogether. Unfortunately RupiManager doesn't do the Icons so they have to be in a format that Sygic is happy to use.

This is where my problem lies. While I had no issues with on the old Sygic version it has been very much a 'hit and miss' affair with the new one and as of right now it is a complete miss.

Sygic do say that an 8 bit or 32 bit .bmp icon that is square is all that is required but despite trying that it just gets replace with a 'stock' icon. You will also see reference to using a square 32 bit .png 'with alpha' icon but likewise it just gets replaced with a stock icon. I feel that I have tried all possible combinations of formats for my icon and I am just not able to get anything to work, all are being replaced with internal stock icons.

I have removed the application and all the associated folders from the device many times in order to start fresh each time but to no avail.

I am wondering if anyone has found a formula that works for them. I only need three icons and I have Elements 10 and so should be able to convert them to a compatible format.

Any help in solving this problem would be very much appreciated.

Thanks, Dave