Hello forum,

I am new around here, but I need to ask if someone have this problem to, and if there is any way to solve, or I just have to live with them.

I installed last week this version of sygic with the latest maps from truck (Navteq 2014.09), but in all maps some city do not appear, or appear with strange characters, like I show in the pictures above. If someone have the same problem how they solve. I already change the language, keyboard, and even download the maps from two different links, change the language of the android and nothing solve this issue.

Version of the software:
Screenshot 2014 12 15 08 49 54 zpsc0430e72

Search Portuguese map:
Screenshot 2014 12 15 08 55 32 zpsaa1684f9

French map:
Screenshot 2014 12 15 08 51 23 zps4d15e9a4

Screenshot 2014 12 15 08 51 04 zps8b5592bd

German map:
Screenshot 2014 12 15 08 51 56 zpse4678984

This happen with all maps, and for a practice example, if I search to VIGO in Spain Map, not show VIGO, but if I search for postal code of VIGO, it shows VIGO with this strange (to me) characters.

Many thanks, because I do not know if this is a isolate problem of my device or general to this version.

regards to all!