I'm experiencing strabge problem with my sygic and bluetooth headset. All is fine , but after a while the audio stops working, pretty annoying ridding a bike. Have tried with 3 different bluetooth receivers, ford mondeo mk7 2012, LG HBS700 and schuberth c3 pro src (motorcycle helmet intercom). Using Samsung Galaxy S3 with several different ROM's including stock, 4.4.2 all I could think of.
It seems to be related to the distance, I know it makes little sense, but The audio drops out at same place when I drive from work, or just run the demonstration 400/800% faster. I've tried other routes to be sure, so its not same point on a map.
Any idea? Would be greatly appreciated.

Btw. Just tried CoPilot in the morning and all worked well the whole way (80miles ish)