BaseCamp for Mac software version Beta

as of August 20, 2014

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Changes made from version 4.3.4 to
◦Improved BirdsEye user experience.
◦Added ability to activate BirdsEye subscriptions.
◦Added user configurable avoidance areas that can be set for each activity.
◦Added waypoint category option to Smart List criteria.
◦Added additional information to find results for Public Land Survey data.
◦Added new waypoint symbols.
◦Added 'Show in Finder' button to the custom waypoint symbol manager dialog.
◦Added waypoint categories column to detailed data list.
◦Fixed a bug with Trip Planner itinerary distance calculations.
◦Fixed a crash in Trip Planner when adding/deleting days from trip.
◦Fixed crash when sending trip to device from subfolder.
◦Fixed crash with auto naming route.
◦Fixed crash when renaming via point in Trip Planner.