BaseCamp BETA is Now Available

Below is a list of changes. This is only a BETA release.

Added notification that eligible devices can install maps on the desktop using Garmin Express
Added ability to create and manage areas to avoid while routing
Added properties (and shading) for public land survey types
Added progress bar in the data list for downloading BirdsEye
Added progress bar on the BirdsEye wizard for downloading BirdsEye
Added way to activate BirdsEye subscriptions within BaseCamp
Added ability to go back on the BirdsEye wizard dialog and select a new area (subscription only)
Added option to disable imagery display in the map views
Added some additional waypoint symbols to be more consistent with newer nuvi and zumo devices
Added Duplicate List and Contents menu option
Added a column in the data list for waypoint category name
Added map context menu option to search for the most recently used search category
Improved response time when populating the list of Birdseye providers
Changed how nearest area results are displayed on the map when hovering
Changed to ask if the waypoint should be shared between routes when splitting a route
Changed to preserve the settings in the print page settings dialog
Fixed problem with marine heights being displayed incorrectly
Fixed issues when reading GPX files that contain invalid times
Fixed odd rendering on newer City Navigator maps
Fixed issues with inconsistent track stats

The BETA is currently only for English users.

Before using this release, back up your data.

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