BaseCamp for Mac software version Beta
as of March 21, 2013

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Change History
Changes made from version 4.2.4 to
Added new task launcher
Added waypoint categories
Improved device information
Improved creating route from track
Added preview how the tracks will be joined
Added ability to edit multiple tracks and routes
Added split route capability
Added per device transfer preferences
Added ability to remove 'shaping' points in route sent to device. This will help get around the 50 via limit as well as announcing of the point.
Added customizable activity profiles
Added ability to move, delete, split, select and insert into the context menu
Added ability to plot multiple route/track attributes in same chart
Added timeouts for gCloud synchronization
Added option to preserve original tracks during track join
Added progress ui for exports
Added support for curvy roads in routing options
Fixed bug when drawing grasslands
Added warning message when user modifies read-only device data
Added grade to elevation profile
Added preference setting for grade display format
Fixed travel method bug when adding points to mixed mode routes
Fixed issue with printing itinerary that had empty days
Improved issue where we were duplicating waypoints on the device
Changed import to match Windows BaseCamp behavior. If My Collection or a folder is selected, the import creates a list. If a list is selected, the data is imported into that list.
Improved lodging propagation in both travel and hub days
Improved duplicate list to be able to duplicate list contents as well
Increased limit for custom grid meters

P.S. MAC OS users do not like a sweetie like Added an Address search UI that operates more like MapSource, do they?