BaseCamp for Mac software version 4.2.3

as of October 1, 2013

Download (91.37 MB)
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Changes made from version 4.2.2 to 4.2.3:
◦Added export of waypoints, routes, and tracks to KML
◦Added reading of fitness courses from Edge devices as tracks
◦Improved quick search responsiveness, speed of searches, and usability
◦Fixed issue where setting a custom activity profiles for a route didn't work
◦Fixed issue with junction view information in routes not being calculated correctly
◦Change so that list folders aren't required to have unique names in the same parent folder
◦Fixed various issues with Trip Planner
◦Fixed issue with reading some map files from newer PND devices
◦Fixed issue with dragging of a found Adventure into Trip Planner
◦Fixed issue with fitness data not being preserved when sharing data with Garmin cloud storage
◦Fixed issue with per route leg transportation mode not being round-tripped
◦Changed so that the top level folder reflects the library name instead of 'My Collection' if not using default library.
◦Made numerous performance improvements especially related to device communications.
◦Fixed issue where waypoints used in Trip Planner didn't reflect which folders they were in on the waypoint dialog.
◦Fixed hand tool hotkey (ctrl-H)