BaseCamp for Mac software version Beta

as of May 7, 2013

Download (69.20 MB)
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Changes made from version Beta to Beta:
Completed the ability to pick different BaseCamp libraries much like iPhoto and iTunes libraries. This feature can be found under Preferences->Advanced. For the advanced course, click on .bclibrary bundle in finder to open it and thank Apple for creating bundles.
Added more map detail levels. Dirt roads and POIs can now be seen at a much higher level.
Added Yelp results to Trip Planner and Quick search.
Added ability to create waypoints from Yelp find results. Note this only works if you are using a map with address search capability.
Added ability to adjust the default speed used for routing. Not as powerful or complicated as the Windows version, but it doesn't use words like collector roads either.
Added trip summary to printed trip itinerary.
Added a main menu entry for Trip Planner.
Added ability to change the date of any day in trip planner by double clicking on the day/date icon.
Added a Trip Planner quick start tutorial.
Added feature to fill the rest of a destination's days up whenever lodging is added.
Added better syncing of the end point of one day with the start point on the next.
Added ability to add days to a Hub/Destination.
Fixed some time zone time issues in routes.
Updated graphics to be Retina display ready.
Made several robustness improvements to Trip Planner in general.
Added the ability to add a Garmin Adventure to a trip.