BaseCamp for Mac software version Beta

as of July 24, 2012

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BaseCamp Beta - Beta change log
Garmin Adventures Improvements
Improved support for adding new activity type for an adventure
Added info button and an extended header when an adventure is selected
Added support for sending adventure to removable devices
Added support for displaying the elevation profile for an adventure
Adventure info opens after successful download
Displaying the track outline when an adventure is selected in find results
Other Improvements
Added undo/redo support when editing data on devices
Added a way for users to see the BaseCamp license
Preserving comments on photos when transferring to device
Added a number of new context menus on the map
Added center on a selected to track info
Adventures are now sorted alphabetically
Cover photo is selected by default in adventure info
Adventure data is sorted to match the order in info
Restoring map view after adventure playback
Fixed some issues with "Unlisted Data" list
Fixed number of issues in waypoint and geocache info

You may have to download and let it discover the newer version
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