BaseCamp beta (Windows)

via Garmin forum:
A beta version of BaseCamp 3.2 is available (link below). Please read the following:


This is beta software, or an early peak at an incomplete product. We value your input, so we are providing this to you so that you can send us your comments and ideas. We have tested this beta version extensively, but that doesn't mean that there won't be bugs. Use at your own risk.

  1. Please backup your existing data from BC 3.1 before running the beta.
  2. The beta build requires you to allow Garmin to collect statistics on how you use BaseCamp to help us improve the application. This will be optional for the release of BaseCamp 3.2, but it is a required condition for using the beta.


Changes listed below are above and beyond the previous beta
  1. Improved routing
  2. BirdsEye downloads should now work
  3. Added dragging photos onto the map views
  4. Added dragging files into My Collection and the user data list
  5. Added activity profile selection dialog at startup, improved migration of existing route settings and routes
  6. Added better preserving app state when restarting (selected tool, selected folder, selected view modes, etc)
  7. Added support for restoring backups from different computers
  8. Changed drawing style of routes and tracks to use thinner lines
  9. Fixed issue with adding and removing links on various property tabs
  10. Various improvements to the draw order slider for imagery
  11. Improved find address near center of screen
  12. Removed filtered routes
  13. Removed the "Route style" group box from the route options since it doesn't make sense to have multiple "Direct" route profiles.

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