Training Center for Windows Beta - Release Candidate.

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Track and analyze your fitness activities with Garmin Training Center. Use it to review activity history as well as create workouts and send them to your Garmin fitness device.

Garmin Training Center is compatible with all Garmin fitness devices. It operates directly on your computer, not on the Internet.

Create and Send Workouts
Create customized workouts with Workout Creator. Specify your workout goals and rest intervals and store workouts for future use. Schedule workouts for a specific day using Training Centerís built-in calendar, and send your workouts to your fitness device. Not all devices support Custom (Advanced) Workouts.

Create Courses

Create a courses from your activities. Then edit the course and mark important points along the course for your next ride.

Review History
Load workout data from any Garmin fitness device into Training Center to review your history easily. View detailed graphs, maps, and stats, and back up all your activities in 1 place.

(differences from
Beta application is now localized into all languages previously supported by GTC 3.5.3
Workout schedule date should now be correct on watch for all timezones including +13
Application now selects most recent user activity at startup(can be disabled in case of a crash when selecting the most recent item)
Corrected issue when computing average speed for laps with pauses
Fixed some issues related to GTC course export
Time in zones now populated correctly for laps
Fixed issue where GTC beta would compress graphs for lap tracks
Corrected computation of average pace based on review of how it was done in previous GTC versions, it should now more closely match what one would expect the value to be based on distance and time
Fixed issue in map drawing so selected item will be shown at higher zoom levels
Added ability to select FIT or GPX files from "Import All" menu

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