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    It's getting clearer all the time (to rephrase The Beatles). Thanks!
    Actually, I was thinking about exporting several the CityXplorer maps into Mapsource. Using the Mapsource I could select them together with parts of CN Europe 2010.32 (I need Nordics) and export necessary ranges to my Windows Mobile device (I am using Garmin Mobile XT 5.00.20w). As I imagine, merging will produce a mixture of routable Nordics plus detailed maps or capitals built for pedestian. That would save me from pain of using more than 4 maps at once.
    Did I get it all wrong? As far as I understood (in a very superficial way) the internals of IMG format, it represents a pack comprising an image of Garmin's proprietary file system. Having joined multiple maps into one single IMG file I both could save space (by dropping unnecessary regions from basic GMAPSUPP.IMG delivered with map products) and get 3 more slots available for adding GMAPSUP2.IMG and GMAPPROM.IMG files.

    Last but not least: can I import the basemap for Garmin Mobile XT into the MapSource using the GMapTool? The GMapTool comes shipped with special batch file that compiles and exports the basemap for Mobile XT into the MapSource. However, the command file is prepared for a slightly outdated basemap dated 2007. Is it possible to use a more recent basemap?

    Finally, do I understand it correct that all the basemap does is provide routing across different map regions? Say it would not be possible to route from Finland to Norway without having the basemap?

    Thank you!
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    useless to use CityXplorers as said, just use City Navigator , it's the same for your device coz you cant have ped mode on it-
    CityXplorer are just part of CN, exactly the same map in your device- You can select cities areas and send them in one img file by Mapsource to your phone- You'll have just the 2 GB limit per img in phone-
    About the basemap in GmapTool , probably this basemap hasnt been updated for a precise reason:importing basemap to Mapsource is difficult, it doesn't work as expected. that's the reason for batches in GmapTool. And there is not much use for basemap in mapsource, it is useful in devices.
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