PathAway is the all-purpose software for GPS.
PathAway provides affordable navigational support for aviation, boating, automobile (on and off-road), hiking, cycling, touring, rally racing, motorcycle touring, ballooning, scuba diving, fishing, hunting, paragliding, mountain climbing, ultra-light flying, canoeing, snowmobiling, athletic training, outdoor education, geocaching, mapping/GIS, mining, military training, surveying, site inspection, telematics, field data collection, security, search and rescue or any application where location is important.

If you get out and go places, PathAway is the companion to take with you.

Standard or Professional Editions Available

Choose between the Standard or Professional Editions. The Professional Edition contains all of the same features as the Standard Edition and adds more incredible features such as location sharing, location calculations, pace features, web map download, and more.

GPS Navigation

Attach a compatible GPS (Global Positioning System) device to your Windows Mobile - Pocket PC, and use PathAway to navigate. PathAway works with all of the leading GPS handheld devices. PathAway supports Bluetooth, cabled, sled-based, and SDIO GPS devices. internal GPS devices such as the Garmin M5 and HP iPAQ 6325 are also supported.

Maps from Anywhere

Import your own maps using the free Map Manager, or third-party Desktop Mapping Software such as Touratech-QV, Fugawi, or SoftMap. Get maps from mapping web sites, CD-ROM, scanned, or digitally photographed. Maps are highly compressed and can be any size and resolution that fits within your device memory.

Intelligent Moving Map Display

As you travel, PathAway will center the map on your position. When you exit the boundary of one map and enter another, PathAway can be setup to automatically switch to the new map. You can even have the software set to automatically zoom in to the map of highest detail when you reach it's boundaries. Great for when you're entering a destination point that requires precision detail.

Track Up Navigation:

Automatic or manual Map rotation for travel direction up display.

Map Projections and Datums

PathAway supports the most popular Map Projections and Datums, for precision location pinpointing.

Coordinate Grids:

Display positions in Latitude/Longitude, UTM, OSGB, Quebec-MTM, MGA, GGRS87, Swedish Grid, Irish grid, or Israel Grid.

Personal Points of Interest/Waypoints

Capture unlimited points and record detailed names and descriptions. Attach your own custom icon, picture or sound clip for easy visual scanning.

Record and Follow your Tracks

Record your track as you travel. Then, follow the recorded track to find your way home.

Point to Point Routing

Create routes quickly by simply clicking points on a map, or by choosing from your point database.

Navigation Warnings and Alarms

Proximity detection alerts you to upcoming points along your route, or when you get close to one of your points. If you're following a route, PathAway will alert you if you've strayed off-track, or if your elevation has strayed beyond the level stored in the route. You can even add your own sound clips to be used for any of the available alarms.

GPS Sky View and Satellite Data View

Analyse GPS Connection to determine quality of reception.

Compass View

Customizable Large Compass view screens showing Heading, DIrection to Next Point, next turn, or any other available navigation data. View multiple Compasses on the screen at the same time, or a single large compass.

PocketMode Power Save Feature

You can now track via your GPS, and save battery life at the same time. Once you enter PocketMode, PathAway turns off the screen (or backlight depending on device), and locks the keys but continues to record GPS data to your track log. If you using a Bluetooth GPS, simply connect the GPS, enter Pocket Mode, and put the handheld in your Pocket! No need to worry about accidentally hitting keys to issue unwanted commands. Use the special key sequence (or power button) to exit Pocket mode and return to the View screen.

Manual And Proximity based Route Point Targeting.

Manual means user must select "Advance Route Point" before PathAway will target the next point in sequence. Proximity means you must enter within a proximity of a route point before the next point will be automatically targeted.

Measure distance between 2 points

Want to know the distance between 2 points on the map? Simply select Measure... from the Popup menu, and click on the 2 points.

Large size Icon and Text Menu display

Double the size of the icons for better viewing, or enlarge the text on the menus for arms-length viewing, or easier finger selection.

Import GPS data from Data Logger NMEA file

Download data logged in your Data Logger GPS, (I.e.. RoyalTek BlueGPS.) and import the NMEA file directly into PathAway.

Import Data Formats

Google Earth KML, GPX, LOC, and other formats supported via PathAway PC Conversion Tools, or directly on your handheld. Great for GeoCache users.

GPS fix acquired and lost alarms

Receive audible alerts when a GPS fix is acquired or lost.

Onscreen Trip Statistics on a Customizable Dashboard

Display the information you need while still having a great view of the map. Custom 12 edges of the screen to pop-out to show the info. Stats such as ground speed, average and max speed, and vertical climbe/descent speed. elevation, geographic coordinates, directional heading/ ground distance/vertical distance/vertical angle to next point, turn or destination. Odometer, elapsed time, Estimated time enroute,

Pocket PC 2002, 2003, Windows Mobile 5 - Pocket PC, and Windows Mobile 6 - Pocket PC Support
PathAway Standard Edition runs on the latest Windows Mobile Handhelds. Current versions run on Pocket PC 2002, 2003, Windows Mobile 5 - Pocket PC, and Windows Mobile 6 - Pocket PC operating systems.
PathAway Professional Edition runs on Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 5 - Pocket PC, and Windows Mobile 6 - Pocket PC

Transfer Data To and From Garmin and Magellan GPS Devices

PathAway works great as a waypoint, track, and route manager for your Garmin or Magellan handheld GPS. Backup all your data on the GPS in PathAway. Create Routes using PathAway and your own maps, then upload the route to the GPS.

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