AutoKam track recorder v1.0.94


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Requirements: 3.0 and up

Overview: AutoKam is a simple and user friendly video recorder you can use as a car black box/camera. Supported on Android 3.0 and above. This dashcam app allows any car driver to prove who is the real culprit of an accident, defend against an attempt of extortion of compensation or simply record the behavior of other car drivers on the road. There are vast possibilities but it all comes down to a simple and clear interface with the least configuration options possible for easier and pleasant use.

- Video recording camera with possibility to set 4 recording quality modes
- Multimedia player with data collected during the recording (speed, location, date and time)
- Automatic deletion of the oldest recordings in case of a memory crunch
- Dividing the recordings to 5 minute fragments
- Displaying the street information you're at (along with longitude and latitude)
- Current speed
- Dashcam working in background
- Automatic start of recording
- Possibility to block/protect the recordings (chosen videos will not be removed)

- No ads
- Positioning your phone / tablet with respect to the street

What's new?
- added option to turn off location data while recording

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Spoiler: Link
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