Map My Ride+ GPS Cycling v3.1.2 (MapMyRide+)

Requirements: 2.1 and up
Turn your phone into the ultimate cycling computer. All the features of the award-winning MapMyRide basic app PLUS: no ads!

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Easily track route, speed, distance, calories, time with audio alerts and much more!
+++++ -“Awesome - Easy to use and everything you'll need. Auto-stops when you're held up by a light. Sharing controls and a great flyover of the route when you're done. Also useful to find local routes from other riders.” - Atlstjohn
Basic and advanced ride tracking capabilities for novices thru competitive cyclists.
Track cycling, running and over 600 types of other activities with:
⊕ Speed (Avg, Max, Current)
⊕ GPS Route Mapping
⊕ Distance
⊕ Calorie counting
⊕ Elevation profile
⊕ Route navigation
⊕ Nutrition, food, diet, and weight tracking
⊕ Real-time Stats (avg, min, max) during workout
⊕ Voice prompts that give you updates on your progress as you go!
⊕ Compete on local Courses: receive automatic achievements and overall rank on Leaderboards for popular local climbs and rides.
⊕ Tracks in the background so you can listen to music, take calls, and use any other feature of your phone, while still tracking
Bragging (optional!):
⊕ Post your workouts to Facebook and Twitter, or keep every thing completely private
All of your info syncs securely with your free account
Training and tracking features to suit recreational cyclists, bike touring, commuters, all the way through competitive racers. Great for training for group rides, century rides, and everything in between.
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⊕ Search the world’s largest database of cycling, running, walking routes.
⊕ Join sponsored challenges and WIN PRIZES (i.e. trips and shoes) just for riding.
⊕ Connect with our community of millions of fitness enthusiasts.
⊕ Sync devices like CycleOps Joule, PowerTap, Fitbit, Nike+, Garmin, Polar, Timex, Magellan.
⊕ Turn off wifi before you start, to improve battery life and GPS accuracy.
⊕ Explore settings, with many great features including auto-pause, audio alert settings and more.

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