Planimeter - GPS area measure v3.7.2
Requirements: 2.0 and up | Google Play Mod
Overview: GPS area calculator and GPS distance measure: Planimeter is a map ruler tool for map measure, distance measure and area measure using google map and location service ( GPS and Network ).

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GPS area calculator and GPS distance measure: Planimeter is a map ruler tool for map measure, distance measure and area measure using google map and location service ( GPS and Network ). It also calculates distance between points on google map and area contained within.

It is useful app for map measure, outdoor activities, sports, range finder applications, golf distance measure, run, walk, bike, jog tracking, field and pasture area measure, garden and farm work and planning, marking and recording areas, construction, solar panel installation (roof area estimation), trip planning and fun.

It is an easy way to efficiently find certain landmarks, such as golf course features or athletic fields, and measure it out.


- Accurate GPS distance measure and GPS area measure and area calculation
- Metric and Imperial units
- Distance between points
- Angle between lines
- Navigation through the points by touch
- GPS coordinates for chosen point

- Export data to Google Earth and Google Maps (through KML file)
- Send data by email or Skype: picture, coordinates as text message, KML file
- Save screen snapshot on SD card

- Map/Satellite View
- Zoom and Edit points
- Current location search using GPS and Network
- Address (ZIP , area code) search
- Delete last/all points
- Zoom to Fit-in and center points on screen (quick point search)
- Add points by touch
- Add current GPS / Network location as a point
- Last point is auto centered - make it easy to use on scaled up map
- Option to show/hide lines

To mark area or distance you can add points on the map by touch , edit point location or delete last or all points (long touch on "delete" button).

You have an option to search for your current location using GPS,Network
or search any address (ZIP, area code) using text form. You can add your location to the list of points by making a long touch on "current location" button. It is very convenient feature that allows you to put key points on the map while walking, biking, jogging, running or travelling to keep track. You can map and measure area and perimeter of any object by just walking around it.

You can save your track data ( area, distance, perimeter measure ) as a screen snapshot, share data by Skype or email as a text message and KML file and import it into Google Earth or My Maps in Google Map.

If you accidentally moved the google map and can't see the track or area measure on the screen, just make a long touch on "edit" button and all points you have placed will be automatically centered on the screen.

Check the Help menu in Planimeter - GPS measure for detailed buttons description.

You can use this app as a map ruler, or area calculator, to measure field and pasture area, check distance traveled, in golf as a range finder, for golf distance measure from your current position to any point on the golf course, or between shots, to estimate shot distance for each golf club. Also it can be an invaluable tool for estate agent and contracting companies both in the field and at the office.

Thank you for support,
VisTech.Projects Team

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What's New
3.6.2 fix for Android 4.4
3.6.1 Format fix in KML
3.6 Fullscreen, p2p distance on path, export to Google Earth
3.5 Landscape Mode, Geo-coord formats
3.3 Stylus Draw Mode.Coords in Target Mode
3.2 quick set GPS accuracy, Manual option in GPS tracking
2.2 Target Mode, Edit Mode, Smart Path Processing
2 KML: save open share delete. Preferences: GPS accuracy, search time, delete option, color theme
KML: Results in Google Maps, Earth. Add point: Lat Lng, ZIP. Info Panel: Distance, Angle, Points, GPS

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