Hello all!

I just installed me new audio system to my new car
Im using herts amplifier connected to the head unit with high level input.
Hertz components and jbl subwoofer.

Its sound amazing!
I have only one problem.
Before the installation i could see the Peugeot logo on the smeg screen when turning the ignition On. It took some time to power on but its seems normal.

Now, with the new audio system, when I'm turning the ignition On, the smeg unit is instantly On. I cant see the Peugeot logo anymore...
Im suspecting my headunit isn't turning off completely.
When im switching the ignition Off, the screen shuts down and there is no signal from the speakers. But again, when turning on, its instantly up. Like its going for a sleep instead of shutting down.

Is it ok?
The smeg unit know when to shut down or hibernate?
It may be a problem?