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    help Serious problem while updating firmware of 2012 model Citroen C4 RT6 (e-myway)

    Hello everyone,

    I have joined here in the hope of finding answers to some serious problem I have right now. I hope someone will show the graciousness to answer to my questions.

    I have a 2012 model Citroen C4 e-hdi with a RT6 unit. The latest firmware on the unit was RNEG 2.37.A.2.

    About a month ago maps started to get deleted by themselves with a warning “enter navigation cd..” I could reach the map before my restarting the unit sometimes but for the last a few weeks I could not use the navigation at all. Anyway I decided to upgrade the firmware to 2.86 and upload new maps.

    I tried to upgrade to 2.86 with a flash disk but I got stuck on a black screen saying “keep engine running and do not remove media… Upgrade preparation…” Car engine worked like that for about 5 hours. The unit even kept working like this when I stopped the engine and remove the ignition key. I was worried that I will run out of batteries in the morning but I think the car cuts of the power after an hour or something.

    I later tried to upgrade with different flash disks and with a cd last night. The result is the same. I can not get the disk out of the unit now too (I burned the cd like a iso, crc check etc. was all ok, the unit keeps get stucking at “upgrade preparation…” message)

    I read in some forums that a faulty SD card of the unit may cause this.

    Now my questions:

    1. What SD card does my unit support? Can I buy a 32 gb SD card class 10? Or 16 or 8 gb?

    2. How can I remove the unit from the console of a 2012 model Citroen C4 and how can I change the sd card? I found some tutorial videos how they do this in Peugeot cars but i could not find anything related to Citroen.

    3. Do I have to get the data from the previous SD card and copy to the new SD card? What would happen if I put a blank SD card?

    4. Is there an easy way of stopping the unit while it gets stuck on the black screen when the engine is off to restart the unit? Is it ok if I disconnect the car battery while the unit is still working? How do I also disconnect the battery?

    I know I asked a lot of questions but I would be in most gratitude if someone shows me the graciousness to help me.

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    1. you can get any SD microSD card as long as it is 8GB or more. I suggest Sandisk Extreme but any other will do.
    2. You need extraction prongs and take it out. Then you need T8 torx to take RT6 covers down.
    3. You put blank card inside and start 2.86 FW install from USB key. The process will format SD card and install fresh FW. You will also need to install all maps and sometimes you also need to take it to dealership to make so called "calibration" of RT6 unit.
    4. When you're installing anything on RT6 ALWAYS keep your engine running NO exeptions. You can disconnect battery if the unit is stuck there is no harm.



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