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    Yes go to dealer and he will make calibration and this will fix your problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lcsongor View Post
    I also solved the situation (same as for windstorm)... I disassembled the RT6 unit, took out the 8GB SD-CARD, placed a new one, and the update went on smoothly.....
    After the update, the unit is acting strangely.
    First: The Logo changed to Peugeot (ok, this doesn't bother me too much)
    Second: The buttons on the control unit changed their meaning: Settings button turned into TA button. Navi button doesn't work, the rollers on the steering wheel changed their behavior.
    Third: the unit doesn't remember the settings: example: set Random Play on all media, after restart this doesn't happen anymore (used to happen with the previous firmware), at every startup, it is asking for the bluetooth code...Any ideas on what should be the next step? Can the calibration at the dealer solve this situation?
    Hi my friend, I read the forum and saw your problem. Did you solve the button wrong function error. Because I have exactly the same problem. Also dealer said he could not download the calibration fileProblem with firmware update on RT6 system Citroen

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    Quote Originally Posted by windstorm View Post

    I am new here. I own a Citroen 4 II 2011 with eMyWay RT6 nav system. I have big issue with navigation after trying to upgrade firmware and I hope you guys can help me.

    So here is my story:

    1. I tried to upgrade to 2.86 through USB stick (FAT 32 formatted) - system didn't seem to read the stick correctly

    2. I tried to upgrade to 2.86 through CD - installation went fine until at some point when I received this error: "error during flasher loading" and installation stopped.

    3. Navigation restarted, blank screen, CD remained stuck inside system. Eventually I unplugged battery, plugged it back, system pushed out the CD.

    4. Again navigation showing blank screen and kept trying to check for CD in unit.

    5. I inserted back the CD with firmware 2.86, it showed this message "CRC Media Checking". It passed this, started showing message about upgrade starting and other information.

    Then it showed "CRC: % checking". It checked up until 100, then it said "Application upgrade ended" and again message "error during flashed loading".

    6. I have tried with USB stick, formatted FAT32(slow format as pointed) and 2.86 firmware version. Again "CRC Media Checking", but after 10-15 min check it says "Error Media Loading" or sort of and system restarts, again looking for CD.

    7. I tried again with CD - same setup it does every time - "CRC Media Checking", it passes, it starts installation, it reaches CRC 100 Checking and again aborts due to "error during flasher loading". Only once it somehow passed this point and it reached message "Application upgrading: 1...10" and at 89% it stopped and stating same error

    8. Whenever I start again car, same thing: system with black screen and it checks for CD. One thing to mention - before firmware update, I tried updating maps and it worked fine through USB.

    Any help is appreciated!

    My story is similar. Peugeot 3008 with 2.86 fw installed. Suddenly, out of nowhere, i started engine as usual and black screen, soft f*ed up. Why? Most of you had problems only during upgrade.
    Tried everything as you and came up with exactly the same results (usb not working, tried 10 pendrives, different formats, CD worked until 100%, etc.), with one execption. You all say that downgrade is not possible and OP tried it. And this was my last hope (it was done during the journey to my dealer), i burnt CD with FW 2.85, worked flawlessly!!! And i recommend you all to try the same when you end up with the black screen...


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