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    Quote Originally Posted by LukeDavis View Post
    gotta remember that this is just an old experiment with software, my hobby is preserving old apps and programs that have almost been lost to time completely.
    Contact us for the archives. For Win ce there are all GPS programs known to me. The archive is large, more than 100 Gigabytes. Good luck to you.

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    that could actually prove very useful to me, who can I get in contact about that?,

    I have a spare External drive laying around that can house this archive,

    so far my testing has proved that none of the other devices except the S2 seem to like N-Drive, the Zoostorm Playtab mentioned something about an ID, but the Hudl and Asus Eeepad simply lock up. doesn't matter though as at least the S2 works flawlessly so that is a win in my books.

    but i would sure like to see this archive, I conveniently have a Hacked Navman S30 (CE Core 5.0) I can test the programs on too (apologies for the delayed reply I have been working on other projects)

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    Even if you get it to work the maps are over 10 years old. It is nice you are playing around with old apps, smartphones and tablets.

    I have a whole box of old phones and tablets along with if I still have them apps.
    But I think I trashed the apps.
    My grand son is not even interested in there old phone and tablets he tells me to recycle them so they can take any thing useful out of them so they can be used again.

    Keeping up with new technology is the way to go.

    But knock yourself out trying to get the old stuff to work.......
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