SI+Igo Amigo+iGO8 From C710.

A bit of retro!


Updated: 01.03.2010. Monday

I made 3 apps (Miomap, Igo8,Igo Amigo) to Mio c710

the Miomap stayes the original for everyone, so it reads from the flash.

IGO8: System Specs:Igo8.3.4.117940 exe verzió.
Updated data: 240x240,240x320,240x400,320x234,320x240,320x320,400x234,400x240,416x234,480x234,480x272,480x800,800x480,resolution.
J6.GJ6.15p_st3_ multicar_skin (for
you can find the NFO in the downloads
nice background for night and dayand many things

IGOAmigo: System Specs:Igo8_Amigo
nice background for night
OPtions for changing maps(on the main screen above the menu there is small car icon. Click on that long and the options will pop up)

In the content folder you will see bulding,dem,poi, map folders delete everything from them. Don't forget to upload before using it
The other folders (car,lang,scheme,skin,speedcam) leave as it is.
The Miomap folder in the flash won't delete but it won't use it
The install is very easy, after upacking just copy everything what is in the pack.
Create an HR, but make sure that the card is in the PNA. After that when the device starts it takes 3-4 seconds than it will run.

Spoiler: Downloading links:
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Pass: Cserrobi

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