Hi to everyone.

I have a problem with one device from Mercedes - Becker Map Pilot M054.

During software and map update, memory has been crashed. Software was updated to a new version, but maps are not updated. I was using Becker Content Manager (BCM) which was came with the device. I bought maps regularly and payed them to Becker via their web based system.

During the process of map update BCM shows me that all maps are transferred to the device. Windows file explorer also show that all files are in device until I plug it out and again plug in back device into USB port. This is also happening under Linux Ubuntu system.

During the first map updating process which was failed, BCM deleted all old maps and write only the first two of new maps’ files...

Now, I want to try to flash firmware to see if it is software problem and if it is a hardware problem I need some instructions what a folder structure on microSD card should be to enable device to read maps from microSD card.

Does anybody have a firmware’s .exe file which I can use on windows computer to flash device?
Does anybody have a software installation .exe file which I can use on windows computer to reinstall device software over PC?
Can anybody tell me what a folder structure on SD card should be? To try if device still can read maps’ files from microSD card.

Thanks in advance!