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    UX Spanish Audio Warning + Big Speedcam

    Voices for the Spanish radar categories with recorded audio and big speedcam on the map for iGO Primo 2.4 under Windows CE without skin!
    It must be copied in a UX folder and works at resolutions 800x480 and 480x272.
    All necessary for the work records from sys.txt are located in:


    Because sys.txt of the program takes precedence over plugin.ini in speedcam_es.zip it is necessary to edit your sys.txt,
    and removing the sections [warning] and from [speedcam_category:0] to [speedcam_category:31] including, if have them!

    As you can see in the shots below, there is an audio sample button that will not work if the recordings are not correct!

    In menu:
    Settings\Sound and Warnings\Alert Point Settings
    I have added the option:
    Big Speedcam on Map
    which can be turned on or off.

    In menu:
    Settings\Sound and Warnings\Alert Point Settings\Alert Types for
    Voice Warning Language
    you have to choose "Spanish"
    Spoiler: Screenshots
    d 1

    d 2

    d 3

    e 1

    e 2

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    Thanks to Vamibg for the source file Voice_warning.zip!
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