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    Guide How to change the speedcam icons in NextGen and AvicSYNC

    How to change the speedcam icons in NextGen and AvicSYNC
    1. Download and unzip archive speedwarns.rar
    2. take any camera-UX utility zip ....
    3. ui_nextgen in the \ res \ common \ nodpi \ paste vector icons, bmp
    a) ico_speedcams.svg (Icons next to the speedometer to count the distances between them)
    b) speedwarn0.svg
    c) speedwarn0_list.svg
    d) speedwarn_list.svg (speedcam icons that appear in "Menu" - "Settings")
    4. because the program does not accept vector file speedwarn1.svg of nopdi folder, which is responsible for speedcam icons on the map, it must convert each resolution speedwarn1.bmp format.
    5. The program was set up so that the speedcam icons can be displayed on the map with the screen resolution corresponding folders, namely: \ ui_nextgen \ res \ common \ (hdpi, ldpi, mdpi, xhdpi, xxdpi). you can find speedwarn1.bmp files files in the corresponding folders (hdpi, ldpi, mdpi, xhdpi, xxdpi).

    info :
    ldpi (low) ~120dpi
    mdpi (medium) ~160dpi
    hdpi (high) ~240dpi
    xhdpi (extra-high) ~320dpi
    xxhdpi (extra-extra-high) ~480dpi
    xxxhdpi (extra-extra-extra-high) ~640dpi

    Edit: Some tools path to the image files slightly different, for example, in utility gja_speedcam.zip: \ ui_nextgen \ res \ the_dark \ and \ the_bright \
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    Can you explain more, please, I cannot do it.

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    I'll tell you right away that what you want to do is particularly difficult especially the part concerning the svg files....

    The icons of the various speedcams categories can be found in the speedcam.zip file, ( in the ux folder), and specifically in ui_nextgen / res / the_bright and the_dark, (inside these two folders there are identical folders).
    In the nodpi folder there are the icons in vector format svg and adjust the icons in the various menus, (files speedwarn.svg, speedwarn_list.svg, speedwarn0_list.svg), and the icon that appears in the alert window is managed by the ico_speedcams.svg file, image A.
    The icons that appear on the route instead are managed by icons in bmp format for iGO, (special format). The files are speedwarn0.bmp and speedwarn1.bmp and they are inside the folders lpdi, mpdi, hpdi, xhpdi and xxhpdi, (each works with its own resolution), image B.

    Spoiler: image
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    To edit svg files and change icons you need to know how to use Adobe Illustrator, while to change the bmp files is a little simpler.
    Convert them with DJEman's new DView program

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    replace the ones you want and after reconvert those in the format for iGO.....

    Good luck, at the moment we are not many to know how to do these things but if I have learned, you can learn too.......
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