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I have discovered a slight problem though...

If I leave the iGo by pressing the SRC button then radio. iGo continues to run in the background (as it should) reading out directions etc.

When I try to go back into iGo by pressing the navi button on the menu, nothing happens. iGo is still running in the background and reading directions but the screen has frozen on the main S100 menu. Pressing anywhere on the screen doesnt do anything (Navi, Radio, Tool etc.).
I have to press the 'physical' SRC button which brings the menu back to life. I can then go into radio, tools etc. But the Navi button does the same - causes the screen to freeze.

The only way to get back into iGo is to restart the unit.

I've also updated to the latest firmware from Roadnav

Any ideas?
I'm not shure, but it can be a problem with your SD card. Do you use Class 10 card? It is better to use these to avoid problems.