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    Navigation software expert iGO SzulinApp - 4.may.2016 - cracked
    iGO SzulinApp - 4.may.2016 - crackediGO SzulinApp - 4.may.2016 - crackediGO SzulinApp - 4.may.2016 - crackediGO SzulinApp - 4.may.2016 - cracked
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    I work on avic and then i see new version of szulin.
    I look in szulin apk and see that is the same as previous version and before i can tell abot this, you already release apk.
    I work with garmin unit so don't have a lot of spare time for igo.

    Decompile/compile apk is easy harder is to learn where and what to patch and i never say that you don't know but only that you didn't patch it corect.
    A lot of thing is already full patched but never released to public becouse someone sell this thing or just don't like to add in public.
    Look at buildin car navigation where SD is patched and user sell it instead of share it for free and you know why, becouse a lot of thing that was shared for free user of forum just download it and then sell.

    About license i have a lot of different folders and i see now use wrong one.

    Now i will desapire from igo scene so you can patch all new version and i will go back to work with garmin.

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    dear lolypop000,
    Your work is highly regarded and appreciated by all, so please keep it coming whenever you can.

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    Important User iGO SzulinApp - 4.may.2016 - cracked
    iGO SzulinApp - 4.may.2016 - crackediGO SzulinApp - 4.may.2016 - crackediGO SzulinApp - 4.may.2016 - crackediGO SzulinApp - 4.may.2016 - cracked
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    I too was working on cracking Garmin route record and wanted to take a break from it. Then I saw post of cracked Basarsoft and started to hack/mod it. Now that I'm nearly done modding what I want/need for it, I might go back and continue with Garmin hack. Not everyone have the time to do what they want. I do what I do because it's interesting not because of popular contest. It's easy to get my mod/hack working for myself, much more time consuming to get it to work for other devices. I don't like it when people start to put their mark on something they didn't do or sell other works. True hackers never do this sort of things.
    "You know the very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. They don't alter their views to fit the facts. They alter the facts to fit the views." -DrWho

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    Quote Originally Posted by takismi View Post
    I wish somebody to crack Avic complete.Has the bigest icon of map with his own ux.Its the most serious program from the family nextgen.
    I can't see Avic offer bigger icon than Basar with Pongo installed.

    Very interesting, you can install Basar and then copy Data and UX from Avic. As far as it runs in my Tab, everything is working. But I don't see bigger icons compared to Pongo.


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