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    I'm not sure how much RAM it has this device is my friend's, he gave me it to fix the lag (since I'm studying IT engineering so I must know everything about every software right :D).
    Favourites are by default in my shell you can see it in my first post picture near "Game" and how it looks when I open it here : [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] (3rd picture)
    I'm confused what it came with, because main folder was named Primo and exe was called iGO.exe, I guess it's iGO8
    Maybe you could share any iGO GPS software that's compatible with trucks ?
    And any ideas what could cause the lag even when GPS program is off?

    EDIT : it has 128mb ram MediaTek MT3351 480MHz CPU Win CE 6.0
    EDIT2 : I found model that looks like the one i have but it it doesn't necessarily mean it's the same exact model so it might be 64mb RAM
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    Aahh yes, I have heard of that Favourites, one of my devices has the same default shell & has it also but I've never bothered tapping it to see what it does.
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] that's one for trucks on this site I found with a quick search, quite possibly there's others also.
    No sorry I have no idea what might be making it laggy, being an older device it could be hardware failing, or any number of things I guess.
    I've never had them go laggy like that, I've seen it only with Nav software running & that was caused by something I messed with myself, trying to edit a saved track file in Notepad++.
    The software didn't like that at all & was very slow & froze up for minutes at a time, soon as I removed that particular track all was well again

    To get a rough idea of the device's RAM size, the top one of your 3 pics shows looking at Windows CE in a file explorer, open the Control Panel.lnk by double tapping it, then double tap System, on the General tab it should have the RAM size displayed, for example the one I'm looking at now says Memory: 102088 KB RAM, which is roughly 100 MB.
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    I prefer using Primo 1.2 on all devices with 64 mb RAM. It's the most stable version from my long time experiences. Search for iGO primo and you won't be disappointed. But you must also know that to big speedcam database could cause lags and "out of memory" errors, so be rational with it.


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