I need some technical help. I have a Jensen VX 7020 with IGO maps I've installed in my truck.

The free download came with just american maps and I am in canada so I purchased the canadian maps. The download corrupted my mircocard so badly it was unreadable so NAVIEXTRAs would not even open to restore it. Their support was totally useless and finally told me my card was damaged and I'd need a new one. But if it was not a warranty replacement I would not get the maps I'd bought. Plus would not refund my money.

So I ran a recover on the SD card then took the recovered files and put them on a stick. I was able to open Naviextras and restore to the stick. Then formatted the microcard and copied files over to it. Was then able to use the card with Naviextras. Also it now starts up navigation on the VX 7020 but only the initial display. It does not bring up the maps.

So I'm missing something. I've tried some updates in sys.txt but haven't gotten there yet.

her is what I have in sys.txt - I added the folders

sdcard_name="Storage Card"

maps="Storage Card/MobileNavigator/content/map"
poi="Storage Card/MobileNavigator/content/poi"

anyone know how to fix this?

thanks Dave