Hello, I have just purchased a DVD (NAVTEQ ver 3.A0 Europe 2016) from ebay for my 2009 Honda Accord. It arrived today but had no writing on or with the disc, so using the disc name "APN2_70101" to check what was on the disc - I found my way here.

My question: Now that I have seen the ISO source & that there is a patched version for 2009/10 Accords to avoid bricking the unit - is there any simple way for me to tell by the disc filenames whether the version I have received is the patched version or not?

If not, I will download the files & burn them myself, now that I realise they are freely available here on GPSpower.

For reference, the ebay disc sale/seller: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

Many thanks.
Regards, Mark.