Nokia HERE v1.0.175 Beta

HERE: the best way to navigate through the city.

HERE offers fast, accurate maps that are always ready to use, with or without an internet connection. Search for places, find routes and get turn-by-turn voice guidance wherever you are. Underground, on holiday, or even in the middle of nowhere: HERE just works, always.



•Offline navigation: Interactive maps and turn-by-turn voice guidance are still available even without an internet connection.
•Maps to download and to use offline for nearly 100 countries.
•Public transport maps and directions for over 800 cities in over 40 countries, also when you’re offline.
•Live traffic info for more than 40 countries.
•Plan your journey on, then find your way there using your mobile.
•Personalise your map by creating Collections of your favourite places.
•Share your location with family and friends in real time as you go via Glympse. It’s private, secure and safe

After launching HERE maps service in beta form for Samsung's Galaxy smartphones earlier this month, Nokia has announced that the app now works on a wider selection of Android handsets.

A novel feature in HERE maps is offline mode, which allows you to download maps for offline use, ensuring that you don't run into any overage charges when you're on cellular data.

Since the app is in beta, there are bound to be lingering issues and bugs, like the deletion of navigation voices anytime a cache cleaning utility is run. Nokia mentions that it is close to a fix, which should be rolled out within a few weeks.

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