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    Review Casette navigation

    Hello friends, as you all know, there have been many techniques used by humans to orient themselves and get to the desired destination, methods such as the memorization of the environment, the observation of the projection of solar and lunar shadows, or the position of the stars, Polar, Cross of the South....

    The oldest maps that exist were made by the Babylonians around 2300 a.C., although it is obvious that their use was much earlier....

    The astronomical or "star finder", an astronomical instrument that allows to determine the position and height of the stars above the sky, we owe it to Apollonius of Perga, between 220 and 150 a.C.

    The "witch's diminutive" witch, named after Europe since the late Middle Ages, due to its strange obsession with indicating the location of Rupes Nigra , we found the first reference on this device in a Book of the Song Dynasty with dates from 1040-44, and consists of a magnetized needle floating in a vessel full of water, although the recent discovery of a magnetite artifact has generated theories as to whether the Olmecas could have discovered and used a compass since 1000 A.C.

    So far it is a well-known story, but do you know that in 1962, I circle on some roads of the United Kingdom a Volkswagen Beetle using cassette tapes as a navigation system?
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    And, that the etak Navigator project, a browser without satellite connection that used cassette tapes to store data, was born in 1985 from a talk between two men who were on duty sailing, and set the goal of producing a navigation system that could be installed as an after-sales accessory in any car?
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    The world is like a book and those who do not travel only read one page (St. Augustine)
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