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    Important User New TomTom Rider expected from April 2015
    New TomTom Rider expected from April 2015New TomTom Rider expected from April 2015New TomTom Rider expected from April 2015New TomTom Rider expected from April 2015New TomTom Rider expected from April 2015New TomTom Rider expected from April 2015New TomTom Rider expected from April 2015
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    preview New TomTom Rider expected from April 2015

    New TomTom Rider expected from April 2015

    Old block1 480x320 WINGS tcm131 64175

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    TomTom RIDER, designed to make every motorcycle ride more exciting. For the first time, bikers can choose the level of twists and turns they want to ride to create their own adrenaline-filled adventure.

    The all-new TomTom RIDER helps bikers discover and explore new routes. Simply select an area to ride on the map and TomTom RIDER will suggest the most exciting round-trip. Bikers can build excitement before setting out by creating and sharing touring adventures with friends and uploading direct to their TomTom RIDER.

    “TomTom RIDER gives bikers more ways to create and discover exciting routes, so every ride can be an adventure,” said Jocelyn Vigreux, President, TomTom, Inc. “From sea to shining sea, bikers using RIDER will have the option of choosing routes to cruise the open road with confidence, lean into twisties along mountain peaks, and everything in between.”

    The stylish, yet rugged TomTom RIDER has been completely redesigned for life on the road.

    An innovative rotating mount allows bikers to switch to portrait view to see more of the bends ahead. It has a glove-friendly, interactive screen to make it easy to find and explore new places. Bluetooth® enabled audio instructions delivered to the headset or helmet, give bikers more freedom to just enjoy the ride.

    The new TomTom RIDER will be available in April.

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    You have to navigate to get to the good.

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    GPSPower Helper New TomTom Rider expected from April 2015
    New TomTom Rider expected from April 2015
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    Tomtom Rider 400

    Features and Specifications:

    New: Capacitive screen (like on an iPhone) 4.3 inch;
    This screen is announced as a reagent to gloves: to use the TomTom Rider without removing his gloves.
    Life mapping
    -Sup - Winding roads: take the most exhilarating winding roads and avoid the boring straight lines. You can set the level of curves and turns.
    -Sup: - New: Relief Routes: choose your desired elevation level on a journey, to roll on flat ground or from the onslaught of the highest passes.
    Tomtomax Note: This feature could be useful for example if you are between land and sea (Riviera, Corsica ...) You will be able following a coastal path without end up in the mountains.
    -Sup: - New: Portrait mode: switch your GPS in portrait mode for better anticipation of upcoming turns.
    Lighter and thinner, like design (in view of the photo louis.de) to GO 400 but with front metal reinforcements
    -Sup: - New: A built-in speaker for easy use by car
    -Sup: - New: TomTom Traffic for life: always ride with information in real-time traffic, subscription-free for life. Requires a smartphone and sharing its internet connection
    -Sup: - New: Planning circuit loop: select a destination and TomTom Rider plans the route in the most exhilarating loop.
    Tomtomax Rating: Excellent new; This will make a winding road loop without using the same route to go and return.
    -Sup - Course Management (roadbook) Possible to load routes to GPX and ITN
    Note Tomtomax: a new format in addition to the ITN is good news; We find numerous free road book in GPX format on the net. Indeed, GPS is the universal format.
    Planning a route on your computer: set your trip the weekend before you jump on the road.
    Sharing route: share all your journey with your biker friends.
    Course Record: relive your finest outings.
    Statistics trip: to have information about the route: distance, speed and travel time.
    Audio instructions via Bluetooth: allows you to stay focused on the road: the audio instructions are communicated directly to the headset via a Bluetooth headset or intercom
    Hands-free calling: to answer a call while driving.
    IPX7 waterproof (water spray)


    € 399 as standard (GPS + support + active motorcycle battery cable)
    € 499 in premium version (GPS + support + active motorcycle battery cable + Car Holder + Car Charger + theft + cover)

    In view of the pictures, you can see that it's Nav4 software that will work with MyDrive.
    If it is confirmed, the software environment will be completely closed,
    => Hence our question:
    POI? can do we import?
    The road-book: same question!

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    Nice toys... But still too expensive as people have smartphones these days

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    I think buy it, I need for my motorcycle



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