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    Master iGO neglects the map of IsraeliGO neglects the map of Israel
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    It is not always good to turn the knife in an open wound for the sole purpose of knowing who is right or wrong, It is not my intention to open any debate on the merits or not of the arguments which oppose each other, the only thing that matters is what we can get out of it and satisfy everyone.

    How important it is to know who produces the vegetables and the meat, very often the countries of origin are multiple and complement each other, there are also the processors of the products that come into play, to ultimately end up on our plates, but must -we stop to know what nationality is the cook or the waiter, the main thing is that the plate does not remain empty and that we do not starve. But anyone who refuses to eat what he recognizes as a recipe from a person of a religious or political faith different from his own has only himself to blame, because very often he will end up by eating the dish on the sly in order to preserve his pride.

    Whether at the start the leaders of NNG or the designers of iGO were Hungarian or Israeli, at the present time we do not care, society has evolved and the financial flows which make it live are international, the programmers who make it evolve the product are also multi racial. What we are all looking for as users is to be able to remain free of our choices and to promote mutual aid which allows us to make the best use of this navigation system, whatever the geopolitical situation from which this request comes. help it really doesn't matter as long as it remains apolitical and independent of any religious or racial denomination

    If we take these prerogatives into account, we can be surprised by a detail that has persisted at least since igo 153810 and which consists of the presence of a lua of the ux navtools within which the activation of a very particular element is carried out by adding in the sys.txt various parameters named "quibla" sences to make appear a kind of compass pointing on a very particular point with the coordinates {lat = "21.422586", lon = "39.826170"}, whose l he origin does not seem to be Hungarian or Israeli, but is more of a programmer by religious conviction. Let's count on an oversight of suppression and not on an attempt at politico-religious influence

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    Did someone mentioned religion here? Or mixed here politics?
    Nationalism? Really?! There is a huge difference between nationality and nationalism!
    The fact that technically and other reasons, the company is registered in Hungary does not yet make it a "Native Born Hungarian company". Take it or leave it and smile as much as you want to, for us, this is an Israeli company.
    Never and in all the years that have passed, no one has underestimated the great talent of the Hungarian development team.
    And the point is, that once again we return to criticism in a covert and tendentious tone that differentiates between those who "express" and those who "complain"/"blame" it is already worn out and trite in my eyes and therefore IRMC.
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    iGO Enthusiast iGO neglects the map of Israel
    iGO neglects the map of IsraeliGO neglects the map of IsraeliGO neglects the map of IsraeliGO neglects the map of IsraeliGO neglects the map of IsraeliGO neglects the map of IsraeliGO neglects the map of Israel
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    Yeah, sure.
    Before asking a question, know it's already discussed here and at 99.9% is not unique. Use search.
    NO ONE IS A SEER, READ (click on): [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] <- Click!
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    Spoiler: obs
    Many questions become very arduous, a lot of time chewed deja vu...Since we have lost all the year of work and effort, many people have no will to answer the same questions again. Me neither. Use a search, please.




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