Hello everyone,

(Sorry for my bad english, I'm trying to be as clear as possible.)

Our team is looking for GPS systems that work otherwise than with mobile phone (in altitude, we lose the phones signals). The goal is for an ultra-marathon (Bromont Ultra, a race of more than 30 hours), we must know at all times where our rider is, if he follows the track and tell him where to go in real time.

- We must be able to load a route (GPX), loaded by us (where the rider is, where he must go).

- We must be able to be precise at ~10m. near.

- We must be able to transmit the position of the runner to a base (screen), we are in radio communication (CB) with this base.

- A system that transmits satellite signals (longitude - latitude - altitude), not mobile phone signals.

- Need two systems that work in parallel in case one of the two breaks. Can one system harm the other?

Is it all possible? I really need your advice, I know nothing about GPS.

Thanks for your help ! We look forward to hearing from you!