I am student of University and I am in need of your help. As a bachelor's thesis I work on forensic analysis of personal GPS devices and I run into a problem. My good friend was supposed to lend me a 5-6 different GPS brands but his company went bankrupt and he had to sell everything.

So my question is.. Could you please upload and share a link with me of the content of your GPS? If its too big, you can delete the maps and sounds (just the files, not the folders).. I won't use any gathered information for anything.
My goal is to write a program that automatically finds all available personal information (used tracks, routes, waypoints..) I can't do that without knowledge where those informations are stored and thats why I need those GPS.

I have my own Garmin. Do you have a bit of time and own or have access to any personal GPS device of different brand (TomTom etc.) and are you willing to help me?
Please, just highlight all the folders and files and compress it together with ZIP / RAR / 7ZIP and upload it anywhere you want.

I will be forever gratful to anyone willing to help. If there is something I can do for you in exchange do tell!

Thank you everyone

If you have any questions don't hesitate!

P.S. If someone need a proof that I am student of said university, I can send it to you