Every few years I wander through here and ask variations on these questions.

I am in the process of downloading the new 2013 version topo maps for Big Island in GeoPDF format from here:
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I have used USGS paper maps, or digital versions of them, for so many years that I really hate using the topo formats put out by Garmin, Delorme, NatGeo, etc.
I will have to admit that I do like the Garmin marine charts because they are very much like the NOAA marine charts which I have also used for many years in their paper form.

So, my questions, is there any way to adapt the new USGS GeoPDF topos so that:
1. they can be stitched together so that the portions wanted can be printed to scale on 13"X19" paper for manual map and compass work?
2. they can be uploaded for use in my old GPSmap 76CSx?