I bought a Handheld GPS 2000 about a week ago off ebay Model PN62011 ( Just need a basic unit to get started)

(I did own one of these before in the late 90s and worked really well)

I set the date to 15 < 2015

And the time and everything else including of course the co-ordinates

When I go outside it says ''searching'' The whole bar fills up black within 5-10 min, but never locks on...

Also, I notice when I do get a signal from a sat, the date I set gets reverted back to 1995...

Im thinking its not Compatible anymore, however, im in communication with a seller on ebay who says he is able to lock on, and even showed me a photo of the screen, and in fact he is locked on. His is a Magellan GPS 2000 also, Model 62010

Im very confused why his GPS can lock on but mine cant, I do notice that on the front of his screen it says EUROP, and on mine it says OFT...

Well that just explains it in a nutshell, if anyone can advise me that would be great