Hi guys,

I need your help regarding the gps tracker for vehicle/car. I think this is the right section for posting this. If its not, then I hope admins can move it under right section. So what Im looking for is very good tracking device for vehicles and should meet the following criteria:

1) Long battery life
2) Me being able to see the movements of the gps at any time on the web
3) Me being able to see the history of vehicle movement, the places where it stopped and possibly how long it stayed there
4) Having the strong magnet

I need quality devices that work and meet the criteria.

P.S. I have been looking for such a devices online, and I have noticed that many have SIM card so you can send a text message and it gives you the location. I think thats stupid. In that case I would have to send text message every few minutes to get location. Or every hour, but then there is an possibility that I would some location.

I'm thankful and I appreciate any help that you can give me.

Best Regards