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    Default [Disscussion] Easiest Car GPS system to update in your experiance?

    Hey guys so since being a member of this forum I have used the Mercedes section as that is the car I drive but noticed there are so many various areas of the forum. My personal experience with the Becker Mercedes GPS is it is soo horribly designed and buggy, adding modified maps seems to be a hit and miss. With all the new technology I DO NOT understand why car manufacturers don't just allow us to use google maps from our phone straight from the factory instead of charging hundreds to get car play installed in the car.

    So what is your built in GPS system and how easy or hard is it to install modified maps?

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    I have a 2018 Citroen C4 Space Tourer which runs TomTom and to be honest it's crap. I find the routing algorithm far better running the TomTom app on my phone and now with 'Mirror Link' available for my phone
    the car maps will be a thing of the past. It appears as though Citroen has taken the TomTom software and crippled it although I am just about to update with the latest October release of Citroen software to see if there are any changes for the better....I will not hold my breath.



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