Yes. Came in a white/blue box with the Garmin name. I think it was sealed but don't remember. I'm not sure I made myself clear before but it was Garmin that said they would honor the 1-year warranty. I was nervous about that because when I asked Factory Outlet Store about it, this is while it was on its way to me, they said if Garmin doesn't honor it, then they will. When I purchased it, I assumed they were the factory outlet for Garmin but they're not. Just looked that way to me I guess. Anyway, it all has worked out so far. In fact, I'm amazed by this device. It's understood almost all addresses and places but no matter how I say it, it refuses to recognize "Emory University". It gets just the University part. And that True Voice, have you heard Matilda from Australia? It's such a resonant, sultry, life-like voice, if you close your eyes, you can almost see her sitting next to you. I don't think I want to hear the others