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    iPhone Master Garmin StreetPilot 2.2 for iPhone on iPhone 6 Plus
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    Apple Garmin StreetPilot 2.2 for iPhone on iPhone 6 Plus

    Just in case anyone was curious as to whether someone decided to take on the task of getting Garmin StreetPilot 2.2 for iPhone (yes I know it's an older version but at least there are no restrictions on installing the latest Garmin maps) working on an iPhone 6 Plus--and I would imagine the following can easily apply to an iPhone 6 as well:

    Now that iOS 8 is jailbreakable (I'm running iOS 8.1 on my iPhone 6 Plus), I went ahead and installed the same trusty Garmin 2.2 that's been running on my iPhone 5 (iOS 7.0.6) for over a year; after some minor trials and tribulations I got it working, albeit with this one somewhat-annoying caveat--I cannot get it to not crash right at the splash screen without first putting my 6+ in Airplane Mode. What I wind up having to do is, put my phone in Airplane Mode (easily done via iPhone Control Center), fire up Garmin, wait for the Location Services icon to appear, then go back into Control Center and turn off Airplane Mode; after all that, Garmin will function just fine. Local Search still works, Garmin Weather still works, Traffic still works, Urban Guidance still works, Google street view of destination still works; some of the things that stopped working previously (e.g., adding traffic cameras using the MyCameras feature) still don't work (boo to Garmin for apparently blocking that exploit).

    Note regarding the Airplane Mode issue--when you close out the Garmin app, as long as you leave it running in the background (i.e., you don't double-press the iPhone Home button and kill it from the background task list), you won't need to do the Airplane Mode hack; of course if you respring or otherwise power-cycle your iPhone, then all bets are off and you'll need to do the Airplane Mode hack the next time you need to start up Garmin. Also--the Airplane Mode issue was not a matter of whether I was on Wifi or Cellular when it crashed; Garmin crashed regardless of which one I was on...at least that was my personal experience; I even did a Reset All Network Settings to see if perhaps it was a corrupted network profile on my iPhone...no dice.

    Another caveat is that the voice guidance audio is choppy--part of the beginning and ending of the audible directions are cut off, and the Fade Ambient Audio feature doesn't work well either.

    Not sure if the issues with the audio and having to first fire up Garmin in Airplane Mode are due to Garmin 2.2 not playing nicely with iOS8 and/or the iPhone 6 Plus hardware, and/or due to jailbreak-related issues but those are relatively minor annoyances I can live with for now. There may be other issues but those are the two I've encountered so far.

    One nice thing about the iPhone 6/6 Plus is that doing any kind of search in Garmin returns results much faster--not night-and-day fast but definitely noticeably faster compared to doing similar searches on my iPhone 5.

    In any case I'm glad that I can finally get Garmin 2.2 onto my iPhone 6 Plus--although the Apple Maps and Google Maps apps for iPhone do have some positives, I still like some of the features offered in the Garmin that are not offered in either of those two apps--stuff like Photo Real Junction View, speed limit, access to red-light camera database, ability to create a trip with multiple Via points. Of course the extra screen real estate available in the 6 Plus doesn't hurt either, especially coming from having to look at the comparably tiny screen of my iPhone 5--LOL.
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