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    Android Garmin Tracker v.2.2

    Garmin Tracker v.2.2


    Brought to you by the worldwide leader in GPS, Garmin Tracker — combined with a GPS-enabled Garmin tracking device (**purchase required) — lets you track what’s important while on the go.
    Garmin Tracker is a free, unique app that will help keep tabs on whatever is important to you. Got a little one walking to school? No sweat — clip a Garmin tracking device to their backpack. Got a frisky mutt with a specialty for sneaking out of the yard? (Bad Rex!) Attach a Garmin tracking device to Rex’s collar. You’ll be able to see the location of all of your devices using the handy dandy Garmin Tracker app.

    Not only does the app let you view your device’s location directly from your smartphone, it also lets you navigate to it with turn-by-turn directions.

    You can also draw geofences, view track history and adjust your tracking device settings. (Let’s review: A geofence is a virtual boundary around an area of your choosing. When you set up a geofence for your tracking device, you can set a preference to notify you by email and/or text message when it enters or exits.)

    So, back to your little one — say you want to know when they arrive safely at school. You can use the app to draw a geofence around the school and set your preferences to receive an email and/or text message once they enter that geofence. It’s that simple.

    And then there’s Rex, your sneaky mutt. Using the app, draw a geofence around your house and yard. Once you get the notification that Rex has left the yard for a stroll through the neighborhood, grab your smartphone and go. Finding him is a breeze because Garmin Tracker will show you his location on a map. Catching him and bringing him home — that may be a different story.

    Here’s how you get started:
    1. Get yourself a Garmin tracking device.
    2. Register and activate your device in your Garmin account at ht tp s://my.garmin.c om.
    3. Download this free app to your smartphone.

    What you can do with the app:
    1. View the location of your Garmin tracking device on your smartphone on an easy-to-read map.
    2. Navigate to your device.
    3. Draw, edit or delete geofences.
    4. View track history of your device.
    5. Set up email and/or text message notifications.
    6. Adjust your device settings.

    With Garmin Tracker, everything needed to locate and control your tracking device is in the palm of your hand.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    You have to navigate to get to the good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catymag View Post
    Brought to you by the worldwide leader in GPS
    Brought by Google Maps
    Thanks, Kanopus

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    This almost what I am looking for.

    What I need is a device with phone-line additional capability, that could accept and respond to SMS messages over the phone system.

    Serves similar purpose, but accepting commands. Can track children, animals, stolen cars. This a review of several of them:

    Please Login or Register to see the links
    GPS Tracker Review 2013 | Best GPS Tracking Device | GPS Systems for Tracking - TopTenREVIEWS

    Question is:

    Has anyone experience with this device ? Since there are several brands, all with similar capability I am still studying.
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