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    Default Using a G2 Vision Chart Card on a Non-Vision Compatible GPS

    Hi, I have a G2 Vision card that I use in my Garmin 526s chartplotter. I just bought a Garmin handheld (GPSMap 64). I have copied the SD vision card and unlocked it. I put it in to the 64 and I can see that the chart is there, but it is very cluttered with depth contour lines, and I can't seem to set any settings that will get rid of those contour lines, which pretty much obscure the rest of the map. I found a Garmin reseller website that said the G2 Vision cards are not compatible with the GPSMap 64 (and other similar handhelds).

    There are two listings for my map type in the "Enable / Disable Installed Maps" setting page. I have tried disabling one and the other with no apparent change in results.

    My Vision card has these files in the Garmin folder:


    Can I delete one or more of these files and just have a pure old-style chart rather than the Vision extra detail and "Google Earth" type satellite overlays?

    I have tried deleting in turn everything in the Garmin folder on the SD card except first the VAE006A.img file and then the gmapsupp.img file (but of course keeping the GarminDevice.xml file). It doesn't seem to change anything.

    My chartplotter has a specific setting to turn off the Vision overlay, but I can't find anything in the 64 that will let me do that. I think I had a similar problem with my older GPSMAP 78, and finally ended up loading in my old 2010 version charts (pre-G2).

    Anyone with any ideas, I'd be greatful.

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    I think you need gmapsupp.img only (on 64).
    And it have Marine settings in main setting menu. Not in map settings.



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