Hello everyone

At the very beginning I would like to apologize for linguistic mietakes in the further text. I am using the google translator for translating longer texts. And this tool, as we all know, is not perfect

I have a problem with my Garmin Dakota 20. This morning, when I connected this GPS unit to the computer, Windows displayed a message about the problem with the disk and asked if I want to scan it for errors. Of course, I agreed. I think it was a mistake

After disconnecting from the computer, Dakota started up in English (normally it should be in Polish). Turning off the device with the POWER button causes that it can not be turned on afterwards. I have to remove and re-insert the batteries to turn on this Garmin.

The computer does not detect this device. Only by holding down the POWER button while connecting the USB cable gives you the opportunity to access Dakota's memory as mass storage.

Garmin WebUpdater is flashing the firmware to the end but this does not fix the problem. The device does not respond to the GUPDATE.GCD file placed in its memory in the Garmin folder.

In addition, I noticed that this Dakota has some problem with access to memory. Although there are language files there, she stubbornly states that they are not there (Language: missing). It also does not save settings - when, for example, I change the brightness of the screen. After turning it off and on again, the device has again the brightness set to the minimum (ie as it was at the time of the failure).

Can anyone help me and suggest what I could do to bring my Dakota back to life?