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    Default How to determine your FID (Map ID) PId, RgnID, VenID from GMapTool

    How can I determine what FID (Map ID) PId, RgnID, VenID to use for the garmin Unlock Generator so that I can genereate the proper unlock code for a device.

    I just do not understand these too well and it's confusing me. I mean when I load the unlocked card into my Garmin GPSMAAP 441s it appears to work, i mean I have the map's satelite view, etc.. but I hear about issues with the conversion tool and chartplotters not working right and I would like to know the proper method to use?

    Also after converting the file and looking at the Info that GMapTool returns it appears that the lines that had a "T" next to them, they have moved when you compare the locked to the unlocked versions? Why and does this mean my map will not work properly in my chartplotter?

    Thanks in advance for my learning..

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    ☼ADMIN☼ How to determine your FID (Map ID) PId, RgnID, VenID from GMapTool
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    I already explained you, if the map isnt unlocked properly, will have "Wrong MPS records Size" in Gmaptool log
    Hit on Details with GMapTool and you'll see it. -- 4th line
    If it's unlocked correctly it will work ,if used in a plotter, enabling all the features Garmin provided in the original Bluechart g2/g2 Vision map. These details must be the same in locked and unlocked chart

    Mapid is displayed in Gmaptool log : draw& drop a map in the program and hit details


    use fast unlocker for bluecharts

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